The Chambres d’hôtes Wongade is a traditional Walser residence: it dates back to 1660, is considered as a documentary evidence, and is a listed building. Once used as a stable (hence the name ‘Wongade’), the Chambres d’hôtes is now a warm and friendly exclusive place. Thanks to the work of experienced local craftsmen,  we have kept – with an attitude of respect for traditions – the original stonewalls, the interior walls with their original wood, the ancient doors and the period furniture. Finally, our love and attention to details complete the picture of this charming place, also being able to recreate the simply and friendly atmosphere of Walser dwellings.


Our place is distant just a short walk from the small town centre. It is amid unspoilt vegetation and  offers you an enchanting view of Monte Rosa. By virtue of its ‘strategic’ position, our Chambres d’hôtes gives you easy access to the ski lifts, and, during the summer, the possibility of reaching many close hiking trails.